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Learn About Dropshipping Business

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Have you ever come across these two words Dropshipping and E-commerce? Probably you would know about e-commerce but might not know about dropshipping?

This article will show what dropshipping is and how it is comparable with E-Commerce or if both are of the same use and benefits, etc.

 What is Dropshipping Business?

Dropshipping is a retail business in which the person involved in dropshipping business would not maintain stocks to sell to their customer but instead gets the order for the products from his customers and fulfil the rankings by using his wholesaler or Manufacturer who will be maintaining the stocks, packing them. They will be delivering it to the customers. This is said to be dropshipping.

To be precise dropshipping business is doing retail business without having inventory and shipping on their own but gets the order for the products and fulfils it with the help of their suppliers.

Dropshipping Business Model

Let us look at dropshipping business model with the help of an illustration below

Dropshipping and How Dropshipping Works

This illustration represents the most straightforward form of dropshipping business. As a store owner, the integrated system would pop up about the order to the wholesaler/ manufacturer when the order arrives. In return, the wholesaler/ manufacturer fulfils the popped order directly to the customer via his own logistics service.

Dropshipping Business in India

Among all the countries that do drop ship, I would prefer to say that India has a lot of dropshipping opportunities than other countries because

  1. In India, the urge for entrepreneurship is high comparatively.
  2. The next best thing is the currency and target location.

For example, if a person dropshipping from India (currency INR) sets the target location as USA ($dollar), the earning potential is high because of the currency conversion.

If a person markets a product from India in INR for Rs.100 and makes sales in the USA forex $10, his earnings would be Rs.742 (current conversion). He is quickly making at least Rs.300 as profit even after his cost incurred for acquiring $10, which is a good amount of profit.

  1. Easy understanding of marketing concepts with the help of several outstanding mentors in India.

If we know the digital strategies of selling, it is straightforward to market any products anywhere; as a developing country, India has more significant potential in learning digital techniques with several national and international coaches.

These are three significant points supporting dropshipping business in India, which will always be in the boom in the market; we have many more issues that are not mentioned supporting the above said statements.

Next, Let us teach some knowledge on one of the best and trusted platforms for doing dropshipping business. Even there are many platforms available worldwide, I will now discuss only one of the best platforms.

Shopify Dropshipping

Yes, you have read it right. My first and best preference would be Shopify when starting a dropshipping business because it has its practical reason. It let us dive deep into the reason for choosing the Shopify platform now

  • Stabilized platform
  • Easy and Quick Setup
  • No Tech Worries
  • Secure & Reliable
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Customizable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Helpful Apps integrations.
  • Greater SEO
  • Payments

These are the significant points not in order but highly effective in supporting the dropshipping business. Now let us look in detail at these points.

  1. Stabilized Platform

Shopify’s best-stabilized platform has more outstanding performance than other platforms and is user-friendly when we want to start a dropshipping business. There won’t be any checks in the systems, which is safe as always.

2.Quick & Easy Setup

Shopify is said to be a more fantastic platform as it is rapid and easy to set up without any hindrance. The interface is spotless, and all features are structured very logically. Starting from setting up to the end, the process is well explained via video tutorials, making understanding easy.

  1. No Tech Worries

You need not be a techie person to start a Shopify store, and the interface is user friendly. Shopify hosting solutions are faster and secure, which can accommodate any higher traffic to the store and also, Shopify does its software update now and then, so no worries on that part too. Overall the best platform for non-techie people is Shopify.

4.Secure & Reliable

Shopify is way forward in its reliability and security performance. It deals with more sensitive aspects of customers like basic financial information and credit card, so the system is high-speed and available all the time. All the required compliance is taken care of without any hassle.

  1. Mobile Responsive

The next best thing is that all Shopify stores are mobile responsive. They also have a mobile app to track all the data via mobile without any problems and give all analytics in mobile very effectively, and there are more other features.

6. Customizable

The next best part of Shopify is that it is straightforward to customize with several free themes and paid themes, which indirectly boosts the store’s sales process; high customization results in increased sales.


Even though there is a cost involved in purchasing the Shopify platform, it is really of greater use and usability. It is worth spending a tiny amount to achieve our goal with the features involved. The cost incurred is significantly less comparatively.

  1. App Integration

Shopify has one of its more fantastic features of integrating with several apps that supports or increases sales in all manner. Shopify has a pool of apps that is always of greater use.

  1. Best SEO Optimization

The well-known one of its best features of the Shopify platform is its SEO which makes everything out possible the power of SEO of Shopify is incomparable to any other platform Shopify stores will always have a greater strength which is its SEO

  1. Payment Provider Integration

Last but not the most minor feature is easy payment provider integrations. Shopify has its own Shopify payments, which are of greater use in reducing transaction fees. They even support integration with several third-party payment processors like PayPal, Stripe, etc. Overall, Shopify is also the best in all payment transactions.


Hey, we have come to the end of the article today. We have covered what Dropshipping is, the Dropshipping model explanation, the Dropshipping business in India, and all about Shopify dropshipping. I think this is a good brief about dropshipping. What do you think? Leave me a comment on this article or ask for any doubt we will see in-depth about dropshipping and E-commerce in other upcoming articles.