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Importance of Website Audit

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Your website represents your business, and in turn the values and the people behind it. A well-designed and clear site will help promote your business and aid in the sale of the products and services. Website Audit checklist:
1.) Does the layout of my website mobile?
2.) Does my site be able to load within less 3 seconds?
3.) How will my logo appear on different devices?

The first thing you have to ensure is that your site is up and operating. It is helpful to keep in mind the following aspects of your site:
1. Problems with technology, like compatibility of operating systems, web speed, plugin issues
2. Content quality
3. User-friendliness
4. Calls-to-action (CTAs) that aren‘t working correctly
5. Security issues, such as the use of outdated SSL certs or attacks by malware on your site
6. Content on websites that is relevant to people’s queries and their interests

audit of your website is a method to find and correct glaring problems which may not be apparent from the outside. It’s a method that gives you an understanding of your site and prioritizes your efforts.
Website audits can help businesses to:
Find technical problems – Know who they’re targeting as well as the way they’re targeting them. Find any content gaps or missing pages – Gain insights into the data from their analytics on their websites
The checklist to conduct an audit comprises:
A brief overview of the website, which includes its mission and what information is available on it. Engagement analysis and audience discovery Analytical review Usability assessment.

Each website must be reviewed at least every month to make sure they’re operating at a high level and not hindering the growth of your business.
The most important aspects that a website audit should contain are:
– Website loading speed
High quality score on search engine result pages (SERP)
– Domain authority, page authority, social media following, etc.
Spam or Hacked websites
An owner of a business should be aware of these factors prior to beginning their Digital marketing journey.