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Website Development & Audit

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In the last article, we have seen an overview of Digital Marketing, the Importance of Digital Marketing, and Types of Digital Marketing.

Now In this article, we will see in deep about every type of Digital Marketing. Also, we will explore the Market value of each type of Digital Marketing which explains the opportunity available globally for Digital Marketing.

Website Development

website development

The First and Foremost option in Digital Marketing is building professional websites.

Yes, without a website, nothing is possible in Digital Marketing because websites are the base for any Digital Marketing activities.

Website building is more or less equals to building a perfect home. If there is any mistake, it will be a heavy loss and cannot recover.

Luckily website mistakes can be rectified by doing website audit regularly. We will discuss the importance of website and social media audits further in this article.

Importance Of Website Development

A famous proverb says, “Be Roman in Rome,” which means you need to act like a Roman in Rome even though you belong to any other country.

Likewise, in this digital world, you should also be digital, and for being digital, you need a website that helps start your digital journey.

When you look into the history of websites, the World Wide Web was created in 1990 by British CERN physicist Tim Berners- Lee. For further history about the website, you can always check this wiki link on the website.

Now let us discuss some basic things about building a website. As all of us know, you need a proper domain to build a website and host the Domain. It would help if you had a hosting partner.

There are several domain providers, and some of the vital Domain and hosting providers are GoDaddyName cheap,, etc.. and some of the best hosting providers are HostingerWPX hosting, HostGator, etc…

Requirements for website development

So to build a website, there are three basic requirements they are

  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Site platform

Domain name & Hosting in Website development

As you know, a domain name is set to be the address of your website through which anybody can reach you. For instance, it is like your home address. The address of your home would reveal your identity; likewise, your Domain name will reveal your digital presence.

Now hosting is said to be your pathway for your domain name to explain in simple terms. If somebody wants to meet you at your home address, they should know the path they have to travel to reach your address; likewise, Hosting provides the pathway to reach your Domain.

The domain name and hosting combine to give a website, and to maintain this website by having contents inside it, we need a content management system that is where the Site platforms come into the picture.

CMS Platforms

Now let us see some essential types of CMS available in the market. They are

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Thunder
  • Ghost Etc…

Among these critical CMS platforms for website development, 85% of the global site uses one common WordPress platform due to its unique usability experience.

Combining all this, any website can be built quickly and mark the online presence with a big bang, and we are eligible now to have our digital presence.

Now we had a brief understanding of building a unique website as per need and interest. We will now see what is website audit is and its importance.

Importance Of Website Audit

Digital presence through a website is a key to start your Digital Marketing journey, but that doesn’t drive your growth. Another proverb says, “The first Impression is the Best Impression” likewise, a good website should always give its best impression anytime.

To maintain a perfect website all the time, frequent Website Audit is a must when someone visits your website, and if things are not arranged well, and if it is not presentable, then there is no use in having a website.

Website Audits for website development are the backbone for you as a personal brand as your website is the face of yourself. It helps to transform one-time visitors into regular customers, so the website should meet the customer’s basic requirements to achieve it.

If one time visitors had an opportunity to interact best with your website, then the work of converting them to your regular customers is indeed straightforward,

The website audit is also essential for branding; proper branding starts with your website’s health and usability. Proper maintenance of the website directly helps in the growth of your brand.

So website audit makes your website developmnent clean and safe. It drives the improvement of your business and your brand.

Website audits are to be done at least every three months so that the website’s integrity would last long.

Now we have seen the importance of having a website and planning the audit of the website that directly helps to strive in the business.

In the following article, we would discuss intensely the Website Audit Checklist required during the audit.

Until then, leave us a comment if you have any queries and mention your experience in reading this blog. See you about Checklist in the next blog.

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