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Best‌ ‌Steps‌ ‌to‌ ‌follow‌ ‌To‌ ‌Breakthrough‌ ‌Digital‌ ‌Marketing‌

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Is Digital Marketing really a tough or hard layer to breakthrough and succeed ?

Actually i would say yes if you think so, means it is not that tough to break until otherwise you think it is hard,

Moreover, it is really a simple thing when you learn to do it in the correct way.

In this article I would brief you about the simple steps that you should take to breakthrough digital marketing which would definitely help you to become even a vetran in digital marketing.

This article will be an eye opener for beginners to understand the basics of Digital Marketing.

Now let us divide Digital Marketing into two different topics

At First we would learn what is marketing, Fundamentals of marketing and Law Of Marketing etc..

Then we would see how Marketing connects itself Digitally and gives us the elixir called Digital Marketing.

Fundamentals Of Marketing

Is Marketing Science or Creativity, Most of all thought that marketing is on creativity which may not be true Marketing is all about science let me say how

There is a overall misconception that marketing starts only when a product is created

Is that So?

No Marketing starts before the product created, Actually marketing only helps to create the product according to the customer needs

To be specific the needs and wants of any customer is fulfilled by doing marketing (Market Research)and creating a product/service and making it fit to the customers.

When a product/service created by this method It would be self selling and fits with the customer needs

So with these clear explanations we can say confidently that marketing is purely science as it has some process involved in it.

The other evident that supports to it is, Any Marketing activities will have these three process which is mandatory, without this the process is not considered as marketing process

They are

1 Correct Targeting

2 Correct Message

3 Correct Time

Marketing should reach the correct target of persons with a correct message and also it should reach at the correct time then only it is considered as a successful marketing process for any kind of Products/Services.

By doing this the product/service would sell by itself because the process of the marketing is clear and self selling as it fulfills the needs of the customers.

The Next important concept is marketing is not always selling it should also help in keeping the existing customers fulfilled or happy and make them remain as customers throughout life.

This can only be achieved with proper communication channels between the provider and the customers which should last throughout their lifetime.

Then the more the value given to the customer the more they would stay with us as long as they can and they will.

Does marketing an endless process?

No, Marketing has an end when the product of a company becomes a powerful brand in the market.

When every nook and corner if the brand spreads inevitably then there will not be any need for marketing because it is already established.

At the same time Marketing is just a game of Perception if we play a fair game we will succeed, but where does fairness come from? It

comes from the quality of products.

Yes, Marketing will only help to boost the product but if the product is of lower quality it would achieve its saturation in a minimum possible time because product is the reality

A great product sells itself even without marketing but the low quality products will not sell good even with extensive marketing

So to be core to the point, the focus for a product should be more than that of marketing if the product is qualified it will find its own customers and retain it.

The best marketing channel is always the Word Of Mouth marketing which will only last at any time and everytime.

When a customer likes the product you are offering then he will be your Brand Ambassador for your Product/Services and vice versa.

So Marketing is always an effective medium through which we sell real Products/Services, if product/service is of higher quality marketing will help to boost it and deliver profits.

Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

When we start thinking of traditional marketing the first thing that strikes our mind would be TVs

Isn’t It?

Yes when we take traditional marketing as a topic of discussion the Television plays a vital role to it.

What kind of products would fit in traditional marketing? Have any idea about it? Lets see into it

If a product is generic which focuses on a large population then for that product Television advertisement is really necessary because it is designed for a larger crowd of population

And we can reach millions of people at a lower cost, so television plays a very major role in traditional marketing

According to Indian economics 197 million homes have TVs among 280 millions of homes.

So on an average keeping 4–5 persons in a household TVs has a reach of about 800 million to 1 billion people.

On the other hand when we compare it with digital marketing it is no where in the reach compared to TVs as digital marketing reach is estimated to 100 million In india

And the main advantage of digital marketing is reaching some target of people who are in need of the digital marketing services.

We can target english speaking population in India with spending powers which is estimated to be 100 billion as said before.

As same as TVs their is also greater impact of Radio and newspapers too

Radio has 65% reach in indian population and newspaper has a reach of 465 million peoples in india (Sources : Wikipedia, Financial Express, Business Standard)

The greater disadvantage in traditional marketing compared to Digital Marketing are

1 Personalisation of Communication.

2 Deep Marketing is not possible.

3 Natural Scale will not happen.

Now we will see the very important funnel which is the brea and the butter for marketing

It is Called CATT Funnel. Let’s look into it.

CATT Funnel

The Most important thing in any kind of marketing is the process and this process is said to be funnels from a marketing point of view.

Wealth = n^CATT

Let me Explain it in detail

Wealth is said to be the profit that you gain from the product/service that has been offered

n is said to be your selected niche (a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service)

The Success and Wealth always depends on the niche we choose

C — Content

A- Attention

T — Trust

T — Transaction


After selecting the perfect niche, the next is the content which supports the niche.

A valuable content has to be framed in the form of blogs, videos, articles, webinars, forum discussion etc.. this would attract peoples from your niche and to redirect them to your sales page.


Next we need to drive attention (traffic) to the content prepared for your niche.

This should be done through several digital marketing services like SEO, Paid ads, Referrals, Guest Post, Q & A Sessions etc..


Next comes the crucial part which is building trust of the audience of the niche.

Building a trust is an inevitable step so that the customers would stay with our brand forever

This should be achieved by doing several remarketing campaigns, marketing automation processes.


When all the above funnel processes are aligned in the correct manner the last but not the least would happen which is Transaction (or) conversion by means of natural sales method.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Integrated digital marketing framework is very important if we need to get greater results.

Digital Marketing is not a single process it has lot of other process into or inside it

When all these mix is integrated between themselves it gives better and greater results

When you start doing digital marketing by creating your own content, then the content will be the first pitch point for sales

With only the content nobody can expect a sales until it’s get its desired reach, to make it reach we need to do for ex an paid advertising which will help to get the content to be reached

So in this process of sales all the digital marketing skills(SEO, Paid Ads, Social Media etc…) has to be integrated between itself to get the best result out of it which is termed as Integrated Digital Marketing.

Personal Branding

One of the most important for digital marketing professionals is there own Personal Branding

People will believe only the person rather than the brand.

But the downside of Personal brand is it cannot be sold.

At the same time it has an upside personal brand can invent many brands from there own influence.

Personal brands become the brand ambassadors and also influencers for their own companies.

Evolution Of Personal Brand

Learn : Learn First and have clear idea

Work : Work on what have we learned

Blog : Write about what you have learned

Consult : Try implementing the learned subject by consulting other people

Mentor : Mentor Group of people.


Digital Marketing is a mix of several marketing strategies aligned digitally through proper channels and funnels which will give greater results for all the business brands when their composition fits correctly and everybody can easily break through digital marketing with proper efforts and planning. I request everybody to practice this and attain growth in your business and also life.

Leave your thoughts and doubts as comments about this article so that i would love to explain it and clarify it and it also encourages me to write more about digital marketing in near future.